Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why do these vandals have the same shoes as the police?

Why were vandals allowed to smash windows on Yonge St unchecked, with no police anywhere near?

Why were police cars abandoned on Queen St W?

Why were the police cars on Queen St W. allowed to burn for almost 20 minutes before the fire dept. arrived?

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  1. Those are exactly the questions we should be stopping to ask ourselves and everyone else.

  2. Look closer, they are different. The police have boots which have a covered lace area. Wouldn't it just make your day if the cops actually did stuff like this? Sorry...

    Ohh and 911 was an inside job - Right ; )


  4. It looks like the cops themselves did this to provoke the black blocs and repeatedly have it down and talked about by the media to show how bad the blocs are.
    I was at the protest. And the cars were abandoned in the middle of the street. Don't tell me they just wanted to leave the car there for no reason. I'm pretty sure they did it on purpose.

  5. Sorry, you morons are all looking for something that doesn't actually exist.

    Note the following differences.
    1. Lack of laces on Police boots, existence of laces on Black Bloc shoes.
    2. Difference in sheen in the leather between all sets of boots. Black bloc has matte, Police have sheen.
    3. Thickness of soles between police and black bloc.

    Please get your eyes checked, maybe your heads while you're at it.

  6. According to Wikipedia,

    That IS how to identify the "agent provocateurs".


  7. Anyone with half a brain knows the cop cars were left there to be burnt, regardless of whether provocateurs did it or not. But that media strategy is going to backfire now that Steve Paikin, hardly a radical, witnessed a journalist for the Guardian beaten by police.

  8. All you extreme-leftists sympathizing with these thugs and trying to destroy our economic system need to be hunted down and tossed into prison with them.

    If there's more anarchist destruction on Sunday, I hope that the police drops all the restraint that they showed today, and use their full force and arsenal. Mainstream Canadians will support this.

    1. Our leaders have done more to destroy our economies than you will ever know. This isn't about left or right..snap out of your brainwashed world

  9. Jim F, no one is sympathizing with "thugs", be they black bloc or agents provocateurs. Nor is anyone trying to destroy our economic system, and I see no evidence on this blog or in any of the comments posted to support your ridiculous statements. Somehow, however, I have a feeling that this logic will be lost on you. If you can't express your opinions without hyperbole, name calling and idle threats, then don't bother posting here again.

  10. The Black Bloc is very successful at diverting the attention of the public from the valid issues presented by other protesters. They are actually helping the G8 and G20 groups a lot by deflecting criticism from them. Who are they? How can they afford to fly around the world to all the meetings en masse? How can they afford all that gear and the communications systems they use? They are very well trained. Are they someone's private army? Who supports them? They will be in Korea in September to disrupt peaceful protests there. Are they police?

  11. When even the ultra right wing National Post journos get arrested and come out with news that innocent bystanders and protesters who were lawfully allowed to be there were arrested for no reason, Jim F's argument loses it teeth. This started out yesterday as a showdown between legions of cops and a few hundred anarchists using Black Bloc tactics. By the night, ordinary citizens were refused the right to gather and were being indiscriminately busted and sometimes beaten.

  12. Hey! Jim F(uckwit)!

    Where have you been? The economic system has already been destroyed. It was run into the ground by the financial darlings at WorldCom, Enron, Bear-Stearns, Goldman Sachs,etc. IF you'd been paying attention, the reason that so many of us are out in the streets is because those of us in the Working & Middle Classes (those of us lucky enough to still have jobs after going OVER A DECADE W/O ANY SUBSTANTIVE WAGE INCREASES DESPITE OUR INCREASING WORKLOAD BECAUSE SO MANY OF THE REST OF US HAVE BEEN SACKED HAVING TURNED THE ECONOMY AROUND AFTER THE RECESSION OF THE EARLY 90'S) have been the ones tapped via the tax money we've paid. The Corporate Feudalists crash company after company after company & instead of being thrown out on their asses for being so stupid & short-sighted that they didn't know enough to know when not to be greedy, instead of facing charges of criminal negligence for crashing company after company after company & costing hundreds of thousands of jobs, instead of rotting in a fucking jail cell for the damage done to the environment (BP), they get to help themselves to record bonuses after getting their asses bailed out & then they take that bailout money & loan it back to government AT INTEREST. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE & WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM THAT YOU SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS? WHY ARE YOU CHEERING VIOLENCE AGAINST THOSE TRYING TO POINT OUT HOW FUCKED UP THIS IS?

    Social Welfare programs (education, health care, etc.) are not some abstract touchy-feely, fuzzy-wuzzy limp-wristed excercise in bleeding-heart-ism. They actively sustain economies by making sure less & less people fall into the prison of poverty. Yet these same programs, that take out so little money out of the system & give so much back are always the 1st on the chopping block when the rich jerks w/ more money than sense feel the need to exercise their right to shit where the rest of us have to eat.

    Wake the fuck up Rip Van Wrinkle. I'm a conservative. Harpo & Co? There from outer space.

  13. Hey Jim F, what's the F stand for? I bet it's FASCIST, right? Or maybe Fucking Nazi.

    And I hate to break it to you, Jim, but we on the left ARE the real "mainstream Canadians". You rightards are an extremist minority. You always will be, and that's why the best you can do is cheerlead for the Harpocrat stormtroopers when they repress democracy. I would feel sorry for you, but I'm too busy laughing at what gullible rubes you all are. You wouldn't last a day in the Argentine junta dictatorship you're slobbering for.

  14. What do police gain from this? They were just inept and too lazy to do their job. This ain't an inside job, you idiot.

  15. what do the police gain? the hundreds of millions lavished on them for security are now "justified" -- that's what. And I hope the next time the cops charge a peaceful crowd that Jim F. is minding his own business and waiting for a bus and get his ass kicked by a dozen riot cops "defending the economic system".

  16. The Rev is right -- there has to be some justification for spending so much money. Cops just trying to provide that justification.

  17. So, I'm curious: at this point, we've determined that the shoes worn by the riot police and the shoes worn by the rioters, as identified in your post, are not the same shoe.

    At what point will we hear some comment about this?

  18. Well Patrick, it appears from the photos I've seen that there were many different types of shoes being worn by police. Whether some astute observer is able to find a match, well, we'll see.

    In the meantime, it is uncontrovertable fact that these hundred or so vandals were allowed by 20,000 police to rampage for over 40 minutes unchecked.

    I think we should all be asking why?

  19. You clearly have a skewed version of these events in mind. Rioters were not allowed to rampage unchecked for 40 minutes.

    Beyond that, what you seem to be telling me here is that the police used numerous different shoes, many of which are available to the general public -- not excluding black bloc terrorists who may want to cast doubt on the efforts of police.

    Under the circumstances described above, similarity in shoes alone would be far from sufficient to make a conclusive case.

    This is all before one comes back to the matter at hand: you insisted that the black bloc and the police in these two photos were wearing the same shoe. It's evident that they are not.

    Comment on that?

  20. Actually Patrick, my version of events is not skewed. I was watching the live feed all afternoon. I know perfectly well how long things took.

    But sorry dude I'm no longer interested in the shoes.

    You may have noticed there's way more "cops run wild" stories coming to light. About the abusive conditions at the detention center, about the totally random arrests, etc. etc. etc.

    Back to you.

  21. Right. No longer interested in the shoes. Does the fact that you were wrong have anything at all to do with that?

    Seriously. You can admit it.

  22. Look at this video...

    at around 45 seconds

    This is a group of police officers dressed in civilian and "anarchist" clothing being shepherded behind the police line.

    That reassuring touch on the back by the officer says to me that they were on the same side.

  23. This video appears to me to be the police getting their undercover officers out from cover.

    But I'd point out that the gentleman you're referring to -- the one whose back is touched -- clearly wasn't undercover as a member of the black bloc. That's a powder blue shirt he's wearing, Stew.