Thursday, June 3, 2010

G20 Toronto demonstrators accused of faking injuries. What, already?

The G20 summit hasn't even started, yet protesters are being accused of faking injuries by Michael Feldman, a member of EMS Special Operations. Feldman  is recruiting doctors for a "treat and release" facility, which will provide first aid to in-custody victims of tear gas (euphemistically referred to as "riot control agents) as well as other relatively minor injuries.

Feldman's email says:
“I am assuming that these patients are a fairly young, healthy population, and some of whom will probably claim factitious (sic) injury as part of their tactics,” the Toronto Star reports.

"Treat and release" is a strange name for what is actually a detention facility, unless "returned to police custody" is your idea of being released.

Asked for comment, Feldman said he was not authorized to speak about the summit. National security no doubt.

Sarah Reaburn, a volunteer nurse with the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, asked "what do they plan to treat in a trailer with barely running water? What kind of quality of care is that?” Genius, that's what! Let those damn demonstrators anarchists terrorists stew in their tear-gas soaked clothing.

Nathalie Des Rosier of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association urged doctors to ignore the presumption that people are faking injury, calling it an “inappropriate attempt to interfere with the ethics of medical decision making.”

The CCLA will have human rights monitors at the summit. I have a feeling they're going to be very busy.
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