Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spineless. Liberals duck the budget vote. Again.

Congratulations Michael Ignatieff and the pathetic excuse for an opposition party you lead. Your Dion-era shenanigans of ducking the budget vote like it's some kind of freaking strategy, while you cower in fear of an election is about the only thing in Ottawa these days that is actually transparent. Utterly so in fact.

And just so you know - Harper's going to call an election this fall anyway. Why else do you think it's been raining cash? So you see, you've staved off nothing. You've achieved nothing. You've stood for nothing.

I did not vote Liberal in the last election because I wanted someone who would look away while Harper was beating the shit out of democracy, or due process, or women's groups, or Afghan detainees or any of the other CRAP you spineless enablers allow to continue. I voted for someone who would do everything within his power to put a stop to that megalomaniac.

Oh yes, Mr Ignatieff, you're so very articulate in your faux outrage about "abuse of power", but when it comes time to follow words with actions, your party does sweet fuck all. Forgive me if I'm not quite so articulate as you, but I can assure you that my words will be followed up by action. The kind of action made by marking a ballot.

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