Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maclean's Magazine - WTF???

I dunno, maybe I'm late to the party, the right-wing party going on at Macleans. I have to confess I quit reading years ago because of the smarmy idiocy of a certain Lady Black, and the sycophantic puff pieces by professional groupie Peter Newman. So yeah, I guess I've known for years that they leaned right. But yesterday a free issue showed up at my door, so, silly me, I opened it, only to find that in the interim they've leaned so far that they've fallen right over the railing - mag overboard! - into the tar and tea-bag stained waters of the right-wing Kafka revival.

First they named John Baird as parliamentarian of the year. Really Macleans? John Baird. The screaming pitbull of parliamentary destruction whose mental toolbox consists of a big monkey wrench and whose constipated countenance resembles nothing more that a sandbox bully in full meltdown  - that's your choice?

Then there was this incredible article about Rand Paul, discussing in complete seriousness his opportunity to become the first US politician to found an anti-government dynasty. Scanning, scanning for irony… nope. Reading closer now, looking for a mention of his racist politics. Not finding it. I mean Rand Paul is the guy causing a shitstorm in the US media because he thinks property rights should allow business owners to decline service to anyone they don't like the look of…. people whose skin is, you know, not white.

So what's up? Why the omission? Do they think it's an irrelevant fact, unnecessary knowledge up here in comfy, complacent Canada? Are we not on the need to know list? Do they think we don't have access to US news, or that newfangled gadget, the "internets"?

Jeezus. I can't even take a dump in peace anymore.
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  1. I agree! Ever since that right wing blow hard Ken Whyte took over the paper it has become fire starter. A right wing fanatical fringe magazine for shame. Maybe use it for butt wipe then send it back to them. This country is being hijacked by the extreme fringe right wing.

  2. Yeah, he's the guy responsible for dumbing down Chatelaine too. They used to actually have some fairly deep articles in between the recipes. Anyone want to start a pool on how long it takes for Ann Coulter to appear on the cover?

  3. This is all part of their 'plan' --the incremental brain washing of average Canadians that trusted their old magazines --slowly seeping right wing garbage into the pages and 'normalize' their failed ideologies. Pure wickedness. Never have we had to suffer a more hateful group of thugs governing Canada --out to destroy the very foundations of it. When will people wake up to this?!

  4. Alison, you're right, my mistake - thanks for pointing that out.

    Anonymous you are right as well. When people stop paying attention, democracy fails. I am very worried about the future of our country, and for that matter democracy in general.

  5. Your very worried about the future of our country and democracy because a magazine is printing an opposing veiwpoint you disagree with? The story you qoute about Rand Paul was about another topic then the race issue. Should they do an story about that? Yeah probably but that wasn't the point of that story.

    Anonymous I find it funny that everything you said just replace Canada with USA and right wing with left wing and you sound exactly like Gleen Beck.

    Lets see I just picked up a random issue of my desk and lets see whats in it.

    Oh an interview with Bill Gates about the need for more money and goverment support for Education. An article on why we should have just ignored Rev Jones instead of giving him media attention. A interesting 6 page article on the future of space exploration. A positive article about Vancouver bike only lanes. Wow I can really feel the evil and the hate.

    It's not perfect but if Macleans is what you'd consider a "right wing party" then I'll gladly take that then live in the US with something like Fox news.

    Also no one forces you to read it.

  6. @Jeff P

    Wow you're an imbecile. You should learn spelling, grammar and proper sentence structure BEFORE going on embarrassing rants such as that one.

  7. Macleans isn't fit for paper work in an outhouse.