Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deal reached on Afghan torture docs

Above: the government prepares detainee documents.

The Liberals and Bloc Quebecois have signed off on a deal to allow the Conservatives to withhold documents that are matters of "national security", ie whatever they want. A historic ruling by House speaker Peter Milikin said the government was obligated to turn over all documents relating to torture of detainees, but the Libs and Bloc, in their inestimable wisdom, decided to let them off the hook. Only the NDP has refused to support the agreement.

Now, before we get all excited about this apparent show of lofty principals by the NDP, remember that all three opposition parties have been playing tag-team wrestling with the Harper government ever since it was first elected, as in "we'll support this one, you oppose, and then next time we'll oppose and you'll have to support". There are plenty of examples, which, quite frankly I can't be bothered to look up because the whole thing disgusts me.

Come on everyone, let's hear the opposition's battle cry. "We're not ready for an election!"


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  1. Tag team it may be, but the Liberals seem to be head "taggers". Not that the other parties are covered in glory.

  2. Parliament has conceded gov't is boss. Cowards.

    And now with today's *news* parliaments top legal experts saying political aides do not have the right to ignore a summons to appear at a Commons committee, will those aides be arrested? Big fat No.