Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toronto police have some explaining to do - updated

After allowing "Black Bloc" vandals free reign to set police cruisers afire and smash store windows on Yonge St., police chief Bill Blair said he knew who those people were and that many were subsequently arrested while trying to hide in the peaceful crowd at Queens Park.

The video shows some of those arrests. Isn't it convenient for police that everyone they needed to grab was standing around at the edges of the crowd? The video ends when they took down the cameraman, who was wearing official G20 press credentials.

Later in the day, cops punched out a reporter for the Guardian and arrested peaceful protesters outside the Novotel according to eyewitness Steve Paikin, who tweeted this last night.

Today the arrests continue outside Guantanamo North the detention center on Eastern Avenue, on downtown streets and at the U of T.

"There were a group of kids walking eastbound and three vans were following them," said a man who watched the takedown on Edward St. "They weren't doing anything and they just came and took them down."

Update: thanks to Antonia Zerbasias who has been closely following events, here's a link to journalist Terry Burrows' site and his take on the "black bloc" wearing the same shoes as the police.

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