Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake Wattawaistawampum

Who can place a value on the Canadian wilderness experience? Sitting around the shores of an indoor lake, gathered around a painted fire pretending to roast sushi on a stick, while singing "Eat the Poor"? It's who we are. And if you don't get that, then I guess you're not a Real Canadian.

This magical experience will send the world's press corps home with hearts aglow, and the wonderful words they'll write about their Canadian experience will generate millions in tourist dollars, especially from Japan, where they are sure to marvel at the blackfly nano-robots.

The average person may want to point out that there's a REAL lake a stone's throw from the fake one, a little pool we call Lake Ontario. What? Where's the money in that? This is why you people need the guiding hand of someone who understands economics. Someone like Stephen Harper who, in the midst of a recession, has the boldness, the vision, to pour over a billion dollars into the ultimate photo-op. He understands that true fiscal restraint can never be achieved until there is no money left in the kitty.

That's why million dollar bogus lakes, gazebos in the middle of nowhere and a security deployment that surpasses our military presence in Afghanistan is good for the country. Try to get with the program, eh?
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