Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aqsa Parvez: the victim of a deranged sense of "honour"

She just wanted to be an ordinary Canadian teenager. But in the medieval mind of her father and brother, that was a sin punishable by death. And although she tried to escape her repressive family time and time again, she was kidnapped while waiting for a bus, brought back to the family home and murdered.

Both her brother Wasqas and father Muhammad Parvez pled guilty to second degree murder today. Her mother Anwar Jan told police that her husband killed his youngest child because "My community will say, 'You have not been able to control your daughter.' This is my insult. She is making me naked." reports the CBC.

Thus she was put to death, so that her father could avoid potential criticism of his parenting, if you can even use that word in this context. 

The charge of second degree murder carries an automatic life sentence. As a woman, a feminist and a human being, I grieve for Aqsa and all she might have been, and I hope this case sends a message that in Canada, we don't permit the murder of innocent children.

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