Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toronto Sun reports cops ordered to stand down during black block rampage

Many suspected, now Paul Warrington confirms in his column: "As downtown Toronto witnessed burning police cars and a small group of thugs on a rampage, a police source tells me the only thing that stopped the officers from doing that was an order telling them not to. They tell me they could have rounded up all, or most of them, in no time."

He goes on to detail mass confusion at the command level, orders changing from engage to don't engage several times before the final order from command HQ not to engage.

"It was awful," said an officer. "There were guys with equipment to do the job, all standing around looking at each other in disbelief ... The Montreal riot guys were livid ... They just wanted to get in there and do the job but were told they are too intimidating." 

Too intimidating? Wouldn't want to intimidate any criminals now would we? Better to save that for the peaceful protesters, innocent bystanders and curiosity seekers who spent their weekend dodging mounted charges, rubber bullets, pepper spray and bizarre roundups by riot police called "kettling".

The people of the city have been lied to. The frontline cops have been lied to. I think it's time for another "riot" only this time with the cops on our side. Let's round up Blair, Miller, McGuinty, Harper and whatever anonymous spook was running this bullshit circus.

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  1. That's Steve's message to Canada.

    I read the Warmington article and I thought, great! Those who were accusing me of tightening my tinfoil hat were going to start eating their words now...but no...I'm still the wacky conspiracy matter. I usually have thicker skin. I'm getting more battle weary I guess.

    I should have known. When I sent a copy of the Globe article with Blair admitting he blatantly lied to a bunch of conservative police cheerleaders, they still say feeble things like "wait for the inquiry" or my favourite, "they weren't there".

    Funny these cons, I have to wonder if some of them even know how to read?? I kept throwing an article in their faces about Blair and they just were dismissing me saying they no longer wished to discuss it or find some insipid criticism of me. The functionally illiterate e great at manipulation and deflecting from this shortcoming.

    As an English speaking life-long Montrealer, I never used to be a Quebec sovereigntist. But I've always been a moderate federalist who gets more moderate as I get older. I will continue to fight for Canada to try to stop it from becoming a Harpercon regime. But if he gets his majority after next election...

    Tomorrow suffice it to say, I am boycotting Canada Day festivities. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another legal holiday to kick off a much needed long week-end.

  2. I think the only way these people can make their arguments is to remain willfully ignorant. Anyone who watched in disbelief as vandals went on an hour-long rampage without a cop in sight knows something fishy was going on. Normally in this city, police would have been on the scene in minutes.

    It's interesting that the explanation keeps shifting. At first Blair said they were unable to deploy in time - that was when the rampage was being reported as being only a few minutes. (It takes at least an hour to walk from where the smashing started to where it ended). Then, his explanation became (paraphrasing) "we were willing to allow a little property damage to ensure the integrity of the security perimeter", implying there wasn't enough manpower to do both. Oh please.

    These people obviously don't want to connect the dots, but I guarantee that if you plunked any of them onto Yonge St., while vandals were sacking the storefronts, his or her first response would be "where are the cops?" Over at the Sun, which is as right-wing as they come, they sense a chance to discredit McGuinty, otherwise I doubt this story would have seen the light of day.