Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toronto rolls up its sidewalks for the G20

Overheard: one side of a phone conversation taking place just outside Toronto City Hall. Sounded like an advance man for some US media outlet. Let's listen in....

"Wow, the G20 summit is shaping up to be a real showcase for this city. I mean you can't buy that kinda publicity! ......... Sorry, what? Two billion? Yeah, that is a lotta coin."

"Well anyway, it'll be a fantastic showcase for all the business and culture stuff. We could cover that big art gallery and the theatre district, and your stock exchange, not to mention you are the capital of Ontario and there's those historic legislature buildings and all."

"They're what? They're closed? All of them? Geeze, well, okay, I guess there's always the Blue Jays stadium, or what about the Royal Ontario Museum? I hear they fixed up the dinosaur exhibit."

"Closed too huh? Crap. Wait, I know! Union Station - a ride on the GO Train…."

"My god, is there anything open that we could cover?"

"Oh, okay, yeah that could work, but where's Scarborough?"

"I guess, but I gotta tell ya, the guys are getting kinda bored with Hooters."
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