Saturday, June 12, 2010

G20: Cops and CSIS targeting protesters

I had my first little taste of summit hysteria on my way out of Fort York around 8 pm last night, after helping some friends set up for a show taking place today. Three security types were manning the exit road leading onto Lakeshore Blvd. We were stopped and questioned about where we were coming from and what was our purpose. They were friendly enough, but I wonder why they were even there, when the summit is still 2 weeks away.

But far more sinister is this news from and the Toronto Star that members of  activist groups that plan to protest at the G20 are being visited by CSIS, not only at home, but in some cases at their workplaces. Police are showing up in groups at meetings, and when asked to leave, they hang around outside en masse. They deny they are intimidating people. Uh-huh, I'd suggest you let your targets be the judge of that. Rabble interviews two Montreal activists who were targeted by CSIS, here, and here and this is another story about the same thing going on in Ottawa.

If CSIS ever come to your door, here's what to do.

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  1. No, really - where is my RCMP / CSIS encounter?!

    I wasn't actually planning to attend, but now I just might.

  2. I'm thinking of buying a vid cam.