Wednesday, June 16, 2010

G20 insanity continues: trees uprooted for security reasons

Trees: the latest weapon of choice for protesters. At least that's what the Integrated Security Unit thinks, so they are ripping out all the saplings that line city sidewalks inside the security zone. Does this get any nuttier?

Speaking of nuts, perhaps the real concern was that squirrels might start throwing acorns at world leaders, sparking some sort of international incident. Now that I'd pay to see. Or maybe they think someone will climb the trees for nefarious purposes.

Nope, they're worried protesters will rip out the trees and use them as "a huge bar" according to Constable Wendy Drummond. No report on whether she said this with a straight face or not.

It certainly shows a lot of imagination anyway. Have you ever tried to rip a sapling out of the ground? I have. Every year hundreds of tiny maples sprout in my yard and garden. I try to get them when they're little, because if you wait until they're even a couple of feet tall, there's no way they can be pulled out by hand. Those protesters must have super-human strength.

I wonder if the real trees will be replaced by fake trees?

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