Thursday, June 10, 2010

Liberals squander golden opportunity

Dear Liberal Party of Canada

You say Canadians don't want an election. I don't think you realize quite how fervently we do want an election. We are desperate to be rid of Harper. He is dismantling this country bit by bit, subverting everything it stands for.

It's you that doesn't want an election.

But like it or not an election is coming. Harper is delaying on every file for one reason only - to ride out the balance of this parliamentary session before all his government's misdeeds can come to light. He has prorogued twice, he has stalled in every conceivable way (and some that are inconceivable), and he is down to one final option - an election. Probably in the fall.

Do you think you'll get the time to expose him and sweep to power? Think again. He will pull the plug first. Don't you get it? I thought you people understood politics.

Meanwhile, you've squandered a golden opportunity to defeat this dog's breakfast of a budget and give your supporters the hope they so badly need. These are depressing times for those who care about this country. You had the opportunity within your grasp to take him by surprise, to call his bluff for once, to dissolve parliament just when he's about to play host to the G8/G20, and to serve notice that his reign of fear and secrecy is over.

But no.

Granted, not that many people follow or care about such matters. But for those who do, the political junkies, the ones who volunteer, who put up signs, who blog, who vote, who donate, who pay attention, who remember -- we have seen this movie too many times. The absenteeism when it's time to back up your objections with actions. The empty posturing. And then the pathetic sop when you claim you never supported the budget. And you wonder why voter turn-out is so low.

You are what's called enablers.

Instead of boldly seizing this opportunity on behalf of Canadinas, and heading in to the coming election with supporters who are galvanized for the fight, what you've done is to demonstrate to the people who care, that you don't. That you're unable to provide a viable alternative. That you're perfectly willing to stand and do nothing while our beautiful liberal democracy, our Canada, is re-shaped by a man who despises those very notions; a divisive, dangerous bully.

It may be frightening, but it actually feels good to stand up to a bully. You should try it sometime.

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