Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The rebranding of Preston Manning and David Frum

Is this a new conservative strategy? In the same week the G&M featured articles claiming that two right-wing ideologues have changed their spots. Somehow I'm not convinced.

According to the Globe, Manning is now a "proselytizer of science". Wow - who knew?

Four days later Frum was the subject of an incomprehensible puff-piece by Rick Salutin in which he advances the thesis that Frum is now left of the CBC. Yeah, and I'm now the president of WTF????

Manning, you'll recall was the founder of the Reform Party and coined the term "western alienation". He's also deeply religious and led a young Stephen Harper to the Alliance church in Calgary. The Alliance church is about as far right as they come on this side of the border, and is one of those that believes in creationism and the imminent end of the world. What is it about large oil deposits that produces religious fanatics?

Frum, the son of the late CBC broadcaster and Mulroney groupie Barbara Frum went to the US and became a speechwriter for George W. Bush. He's widely credited with coining the term "axis of evil", but recently suffered a fall from grace after he made the mistake of criticizing Sarah Palin's nomination as McCain's running mate in the 2008 US Presidential election as well as criticizing Republican anti-healthcare tactics in the wake of that election. Now he's back here like all failed American wannabe's. Cough - Ignatieff - cough.

It's interesting that not so long ago, there was an attempt to rehabilitate Mulroney as well. He was certainly ready to play the role of elder statesman, but that hit the skids when a certain Karl-Heinz Schreiber came out of the woodwork. Awww...
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