Thursday, May 27, 2010

G20 - Toronto cops bring da noize!


We were working secretly
For the military.
Our experiment in sound,
Was nearly ready to begin.
We only know in theory
What we are doing:
Music made for pleasure,
Music made to thrill.
It was music we were making here until

They told us
All they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone
From a distance.
So we go ahead,
And the meters are over in the red.
It's a mistake in the making.
- Kate Bush Experiment No. IV

The Toronto G20 Summit is becoming more obscene by the day. In additional to its staggering billion dollar price tag (and counting). The Star reports that Toronto police have purchased 4 Long Range Accoustic Devices or LRADs to deploy against protesters at the summit next month, and beyond.

The "sound cannons" emit painful blasts of high-frequency sound that can cause permanent hearing loss, and while they can be focused in a narrow beam on specific targets, does anyone really believe there won't be an "unfortunate incident" in which innocent bystanders are affected?

University of Toronto adjunct professor Peter Rosenthal, a lawyer who has participated in several trials involving Taser deployments, anything that can stun people or crowds should be considered dangerous. “Tasers were introduced and said to be totally benign but have now generally been recognized as dangerous weapons,” he said. “To start using experimental weapons on people is really outrageous in my view.” (TORONTO STAR)


This is why I'm opposed to hosting the G8, G20 or any other event that causes over 10,000 paranoid security forces to descend on this, or any other city. With agents provocateurs attempting to provoke violence as is the norm, we can expect arrests, beatings, tear gas, tasers and now sound canons.

Oh, and a roundup of the homeless.

To get a little taste of what's in store here's a video from last year's G20 in Pittsburg. Don't forget to turn your speakers up to the max.

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