Monday, August 2, 2010

broke my wrist - no posts for awhile - and no caps

i'm sitting at home again after fracturing my wrist and breaking my arm just below the shoulder. a very good and wonderful friend took me to emerg and stayed with me into the nexy day while they x=rayed and re-set the joint. i'm in a cast, and a sling and under heavy sedation. the pain was/is intense. i go back to the fracture clinic for more x-rays on thurs and my friend will be taking me. thank you so much dear shirley, for everything! hopefully i will be back blogging in a few weeks.
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  1. Get well soon ... do what they tell you. I had an eye surgery last Wednesday so I know how hard it is to concentrate on blogging when you are in pain and debilitated. Keep your readers updated.

  2. Ouch. I hope you get well soon. We'll keep the intertoobz warm for you until you get back. :>

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